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Immigrate to New Zealand from Germany

Immigrate to New Zealand from Germany

Persons who want to immigrate to New Zealand from Germany can do so by complying with the immigration procedure suitable for their particular situation. The first matter that has to be observed is the duration of stay.

The law on immigration to New Zealand defines 2 basic categories: short-term stays, with a duration of maximum 90 days, and long-term stays, where foreigners stay here for more than 90 days.

These 2 categories imply different immigration procedures; our immigration lawyer in New Zealand can help Germans comply with such rules and apply for the necessary visa, where applicable.

How can one immigrate to New Zealand from Germany for short stays?

Provided that the purpose of stay is for visiting the country and other personal reasons assimilated to travel or visit, Germans can move to New Zealand for maximum 90 days in one visit session without a visa.

For this, they will need to obtain the New Zealand electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA), which represents an easy to obtain an immigration document, but which is not a visa in the conventional understanding.

The NZeTA is a travel document that is available only for certain nationalities that are included in the visa waiver program. The document can be obtained by German nationals and other European citizens.

It is also available for persons moving from USA to New Zealand for visits with a duration of maximum 90 days. For longer visits, regular visa formalities will apply in all cases.

By this, we mean that one does not have to comply with complicated immigration procedures. Instead, the document can be easily obtained (online) in only few days, by presenting just few information.

This is due to the fact that the law on immigration in New Zealand considers Germany as one of the visa waiver countries, which allows nationals from such countries to arrive here without applying for visas for short-term stays.

Please mind that this document must be obtained prior to the arrival in New Zealand. Some of the characteristics of the NZeTA are as follows:

  • once is issued, the document is valid for a period of 2 years;
  • however, one is not allowed to relocate to New Zealand for a period of 2 years at a time – visits of maximum 90 days in a period of 180 days are permitted only;
  • the document can be approved in 10 minutes, but it is recommended to start the formalities with 72 hours before the departure to New Zealand;
  • the online application costs $12, while those using the app provided by the New Zealand Immigration Office will pay a slightly lower fee, of $9;
  • along with the NZeTA fee, applicants will be required to pay the International Conservation and Tourism Levy, charged at a fixed fee of $35.

If you need to relocate to New Zealand for other purposes, such as for medical treatment in local hospitals, it will be required to apply for different immigration documents.

You can address your inquiries to our immigration lawyer in New Zealand, who can advise on the steps you should follow.

How can young persons immigrate to New Zealand from Germany?

Young individuals, who, from a legal point of view, are persons of minimum 18 years old to 30/35 years old, can migrate to New Zealand by applying for various programs.

Such programs can vary based on the purpose of stay, such as: 1) study, 2) trainings, 3) part-time work and study, 3) full-employment, 4) work and traveling.

Those who want to combine work opportunities and traveling to New Zealand can participate in the Germany Working Holiday visa. This program allows the right to live in New Zealand for a period of 12 months.

It is addressed only to young persons with an age of 18-30 years old and the law on immigration to New Zealand does not prescribe a yearly quota for German nationals applying for this program (as it can be the case of other nationalities).

The program also allows the possibility to participate in study or training sessions of up to 6 months (included in the 12 months period).

The work holiday program can have different characteristics based on the country from where an applicant arrives. Although most programs have the same characteristics, for UK nationals, the residency in New Zealand is different.

Thus, if in most cases, foreigners can stay here up to 12 months, for UK nationals the residency is extended to 23 months, but the age requirements are the same.

We invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in New Zealand for advice on how to register in this program, as well on any other visa program available for German nationals.